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My son has been attending Karate for about 3 months and has grown in confidence and self-assurance. He knows what to do to get going and stay focused during class. He moved to yellow belt and boxes once a week. He is challenged at every class. Terry is firm but fair in his methods. Terry makes every class fun and seems to know exactly what to say to get internal motivation started. When we made the commitment for this study of martial arts, Terry said he would be present and would supervise all levels of class. We are pleased that Terry has been there to be a positive role model, too. Deanna Maupin Christian Maupin’s Mom _______________________________________

My three sons, Joe (11), Steve (9), and Bill (8), have been taking Karate for more than 4 years, 21/2 years from Terry Middleton. All three have recently earned their “Black Belts”. I would like to share what the “Martial Arts” has done for my young men: My boys are polite, honest, loyal and faithful young men that have always been on the honor roll. The discipline and confidence that they acquire from Mr. Middleton is something you cannot put a price on, it is emphasized to my wife and I at every Parent/Teacher’s conference. I recommend Terry Middleton’s school to every parent. He makes a difference! Duane A. Pierce Chief Warrant Officer 3 United States Army. ____________________________________

“My son has been studying karate at Terry Middleton’s for more than a year. During that time his coordination, physical stamina and mental focus have all improved dramatically. Terry and his staff are great with the kids. Most impressive is the fact that my son’s enthusiasm for the martial arts continues to grow as he advances in his training.” – Al Knable, M.D ___________________________________

“My son Wyatt is seven years old. He started at Terry’s 15 months ago as a white belt. In a few more weeks he’ll become a brown belt; one rank away from Black belt. Since enrolling in Terry’s school, Wyatt has improved his balance, concentration, and academic skills. His focus, self-confidence, and respect for rules and adults have also been enhanced. Terry and his staff of dedicated student-teachers are very knowledgeable and show great care and patience during their instruction periods. Terry and his staff not only concern themselves with the martial art forms, but they also work with the student and his mental and social skills. These and many more reasons is why I’ve had the pleasure of keeping Wyatt enrolled in Terry Middleton’s Karate school. I look forward to Wyatt continuing to improve physically, mentally, and socially for years to come” Sincerely, Troy D. Kimmel