Should Children Under Six Take Karate?

NO! I’ve been teaching Karate since 1969 and know children have not mentally developed enough for the complicated sequences and exercises before six years old. Their thought process, focus, and concentration have not yet developed.

When a child registers to begin first grade, the school system will insure that the child’s sixth birthday is before a certain date. They know if a child starts school to soon they won’t be able to keep up. The Martial Arts deals not only with the mind, but the coordination of mind and body. Therefore, the Martial arts will be more complicated than regular schoolwork.

Most people would think, What could it hurt anyway?” When the child’s frustration overwhelms their enthusiasm, they will quit. Later, when they are old enough to reap the many benefits of Martial Arts, they will not want to return. This cheats the child out of the benefits and positive experience of Martial Arts training.

Will many of the Karate shops and studios take your child and your money before your child is six? YES! Do they know your child will not make any real progress? YES! Why do they take children too young then? Most shops run on a shoestring budget with high expenses. Many shops will tell you anything to get your money. Most of the Karate studios are slipping out of business as you read this.

Will we consider accepting children under the age of six years old? No. We will not take your money just because you don’t know any better. We want to give your child every advantage we can! Take my adviceā€¦


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