Mixed Martial Arts or (MMA)

is the art of combining kicks of Karate, punches of Boxing, and the groundwork of Wrestling. This art gives a person a well-rounded and complete ability of self-defense. The combined styles also make training more interesting and fun. This style is a very old art commonly referred to as Jujitsu and has a present day exposure called Ultimate Fighting (UFC) or cage fighting.

We offer a Mixed Martial Arts class that is ideal for a person who wants to learn, but is concerned with safety. This program is for people who do not want to become involved with classes that leave them hurt or injured.

Our system takes beginners gradually to a level of skill and expertise. It is also a class that will become a lifetime exercise system to stay in shape. These students will also get to train in the boxing gym as a bonus.

You must be 14 years old to participate in this program.