tmk300bb_81Kickboxing is the latest approach to physical fitness across the country. Exposure from movies and T.V. has motivated many people to become involved in this popular and exciting exercise program.

Kickboxing is basically Boxing with kicking added. Events are staged much like Boxing matches. The rules are similar and bouts are held in a boxing ring. Most people feel kicking adds a little more excitement to the matches.

Terry Middleton’s was the first to offer Kickboxing in this region. He began this unique program in the early seventies, and has produced champions in¬†state, regional, national and world titles.

Attend beginner’s classes until you can catch on to the bag-work routine and pre-sparring. We will not permit an unqualified person to spar. When a person becomes qualified, he may come and train anytime the gym is open. Gym hours are Monday -Thursday 4:00PM-9:00PM & Saturday 11:00AM-2:00PM.

  • No Contact Beginner Sparring Classes
  • Light Contact Advanced Sparring Classes

$99 Monthly


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