38Many people begin this exercise system or switch from Jazzercise and aerobics to Kickboxing for the workout, and to get self-defense as a bonus.

This is authentic Kickboxing, not a watered down or aerobic imitation. Many people are making up programs or imitating a video seen on television.
We are the first Kickboxing school in this region, beginning in New Albany in 1972.

Terry has trained world champions and has taught thousands of students the skills of Kickboxing, Boxing, and Karate since 1968. He is also a licensed Kickboxing and boxing referee and judge. Terry also has promoted Kickboxing and Boxing events in Indiana and Kentucky. Come to the first, biggest, and best Kickboxing program!

Kickboxing will regulate your weight, tone your muscles, and improve the cardiovascular system. This program will also build balance, coordination, and body control. Your body will get a complete workout by using kicks and punches in training. In addition to the already mentioned benefits, kickboxing will also develop self-confidence and self-esteem. It is a great stress release for everyday life.