tmk300bb_67Judo means “the gentle way”. This art was developed from Ju-JitSu in 1882 by Jigaro Kano. Kano organized the best and least dangerous techniques into a new system. He considered his form a mental discipline as well as a sport and method of self-defense.

In 1964, Judo became an Olympic sport. This art is similar to wrestling and since most fights end up on the ground, Judo makes much sense to study.

In order to give a complete and well-rounded self-defense system, we offer Judo in our program. The term “Judo” could be simply defined as Oriental wrestling. We teach that it is not appropriate to strike a person when being “crowded” or offered a small confrontation. Therefore, Judo will aid in eliminating situations where someone will take advantage of this reservation. It prepares you if they try to push, throw, or wrestle you down.

This art contains contact, including grabs, falls, and takedowns. The student must wear head gear and it is recommended that groin cups and mouthpieces be used.