In good times and especially in bad times, a person should compare the local Martial Arts studios before joining a program. When a prospect joins a Martial Arts operation, they are hiring an instructor to teach them self-defense and to get them into shape. They don’t realize that they are also hiring a manager of their tuition dollars.

Ninety-nine percent of the operations run on a shoestring budget. They depend on revenue from this month to pay this month’s expenses. If they have a down month or two, they pay only the necessary expenses. As their downturn continues, they stop paying the next level of expenses, such as advertising, suppliers, etc. Finally, they stop paying their rent or lease payment. Ultimately, they give notice to their students or run out in the middle of the night. Actually, there have been several studios locally that have “just disappeared” in recent times.

When a studio closes, students that have prepaid are just out of luck! The students that are paying monthly are also going to have problems. Upon closing, many students will be frustrated and never finish training. The students who try to transfer to other studios are now in for a shock. Most remaining studios or clubs will make a student start over or something similar. This is a psychological setback as well as doubling the total cost of tuition. These small operations that have money problems usually also have a very weak curriculum that is limited, and is not transferrable.

This could all be avoided if a prospect would just compare studios or clubs before joining. Don’t enroll in a studio just because they are close or you received a discount coupon in the mail or at school.

Examine our website. Read our testimonial section. Visit our school and ask about a free trial lesson. We have students that drive from just about every city and town in the region because they compared. That’s why in 2008, we were voted the #1 Martial Arts School in Kentuckiana. They compared!

We were established in 1972 and are one of the oldest and biggest Martial Arts schools in America with a four story downtown building. We are debt free and have capital to endure any economy. This enables us to offer quality instruction at discounted tuitions to you. We offer traditional Karate and Tae Kwon Do classes, Mixed Martial Arts classes, Ladies Kickboxercise Classes and Boxing classes. Compare and ask questions. You will benefit from the time that you invest.

Terry Middleton
Hall of FameĀ 10th Degree Black Belt

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