Terry Middleton’s Boxing Gym has been home to many amateur and professional champions. Their successes include state, national and world titles. However, the noncompetitive have trained alongside these champions with their own program. It’s the new era of Boxing at Terry Middleton’s. Now anyone can participate in this exciting new program.

Many people now choose this stimulating exercise system for a cardiovascular workout that regulates weight and tones muscles. Boxing also builds self-confidence, self- esteem, self- discipline, and is a great stress release. Naturally, Boxing is a good self-defense for safety and security.

Begin your workouts with a gradual approach. You don’t want your muscles to become tight, sore, or pulled. You want to gradually get into shape while learning the combinations and sequences. You will also begin with pre-sparring to carefully learn to exchange with a partner. This eliminates getting hurt while learning what to do in the ring. Watch your video, read your manual, and practice at home for faster progress.